Arrowsic, Maine

Arrowsic was purchased in 1649 from the Native American that also sold Georgetown -- Chief Robinhood. Arrowsic then changed hands numerous times until February of 1841 when the town was officially incorporated. Arrowsic is now home to a small population that claims its a great place to call home and a tough place to leave. Arrowsic offers incredible beauty and solitude with proximity to Bath and Route 1. It is an artsy town, so prepare to write your novel or dabble in the arts. At a minimum you will need a pair of binoculars and a wool hat.

Conserved Areas, Sites and Attractions

Enjoy Arrowsic by land or water. Arrowsic is located along the Kennebec, Sasanoa, and Back Rivers. You can charter boat trips to enjoy coastal views or hike along the shore and through the woods in search of wildlife and quietude. Be sure to see the town's four lighthouses as well. 

  • Doubling Point Lighthouse. This working lighthouse was first built in 1898 and reconstructed in 1988. The lighthouse still helps ships navigate their way up the Kennebec River. Walk the long pier to view the light in person.
  • Squirrel Point Lighthouse and Bald Head Preserve. Another working lighthouse that was also built in 1898 and is still working today after one renovation in 1979. To visit this lighthouse travel to the end of Bald Head Road and follow the ⅔ of a mile trail through The Bald Head Preserve.
  • The Range Lights. These two lighthouses are located on the southern end of Fiddler's Reach in the Kennebec River. Mariners line the two lights up one behind the other in order to navigate the river. These two lights are best viewed by boat.
  • Sewall Pond Conservation Area. This .3 mile trail takes you from a small parking lot out to Sewall Pond. It is a great trail for dogs as the trail is wide and open with lots of room to roam. There are no maps or trail markings, so keep your bearings. There are numerous side shoots off of the main trail.

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