Edgecomb, Maine

The town of Edgecomb is located on a small peninsula bordered by the Sheepscot and Damariscotta Rivers. The town was settled in 1744 and named after Lord Edgecomb, a colonist supporter. Edgecomb’s first church was formed in 1783 and by the late 1800s there were two churches, seven public schoolhouses and population of just over 1000 people. Today Edgecomb’s population is almost the same. This quiet town is home to artists, professionals, nature enthusiasts, fishermen and long-time Mainers.

Sites and Attractions

  • Fort Edgecomb.  This 200 year-old, historical site was built to protect the Sheepscot River from invading ships during the Revolutionary Era and the War of 1812. The architecture of this eight-sided fort is fascinating and the grounds are a wonderful place for a picnic and water views.
  • The Edgecomb Quarry.  This is a fun spot for the casual collector to explore, though crystal specimens are relatively uncommon fun pieces of quartz and smoky quartz can still be found here.
  • The Lily Pond.  The Lily Pond is an approximately 57 acre shallow pond located in the heart of Edgecomb. Fun for fishing, swimming, paddling and bird watching!
  • Sherman Lake.  This shallow lake had largemouth bass introduced to it in 1969. The fishing is good and visiting the lake is a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Places to Stay

  • The Cod Cove Inn.  Cod Cove Inn offers a convenient place to spend the night with distant views of the Sheepscot River.
  • The Pioneer Motel.  Located on Route 1 in the northern section of Edgecomb The Pioneer Motel has an outdoor pool and a fun antiques shop next door.
  • The Sheepscot Harbor Village and Resort.  Offering views of the Edgecomb Wiscasset Bridge and a long pier for sunset strolls, this is a convenient stop-off with nice views.

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